Premo Fall 2015 Polymer Clay Color Recipe Ebook

Premo Fall 2015 Color Recipe Ebook

Premo Fall 2015 Polymer Clay Color Recipe Ebook

Get a head start on your fall polymer clay designs with the Premo Fall 2015 Polymer Clay Color Recipe Ebook. Take the guesswork out of color mixing and save yourself some time. This ebook contains easy to follow recipes for the season’s hottest colors. Now available in my Etsy shop.

Don’t work with Premo? The FIMO Professional Fall 2015 Color Recipe Ebook will be out June 8th, and Kato Fall 2015 Color Recipe Ebook will be available July 8th.

I also have several past season’s worth of polymer clay color recipe ebooks for Premo, FIMO Professional and Kato in my Etsy shop.

Bead Show and Meeting Online Friends

Kansas City Bead Blast 2015

Bead Show

The above photo is some of my goodies from the Kansas City Bead Blast last Saturday. The beads in the top left-hand corner are from Bead & Glass Boutique. The purple lampwork focal on the bottom left-hand corner is from Beadygirl Beads. I own several Beadygirl Beads, as I met Tera a few years ago when we were both vendors at a local bead show. The flower lampwork bead on the left-hand side, I think was from Gypsy Gems, but she didn’t put a card in the bag, so I’m not 100% sure. The beads top-right were from BeadStuff. And the lampwork beads bottom-right were from Bokamo Designs.

Meeting Online Friends

My main reason for wanting to go to the bead show was to meet Amy from Bead & Glass Boutique. I’ve known Amy for many years through various online groups and she carries my beads in her store. It’s always exciting when I have the opportunity to meet my online friends in person.

Here’s the selfie she took of us (I’m on the left).
me and Amy

I have to mention that my husband was a very good sport about going to the bead show with me and even carrying my packages.

Color Palette Generators

Continuing the series on color palettes, this week’s post is about color palette generators.

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Color Palette Generators

There are different types of color palette generators out there depending on what you’re looking for.

Random Color Palette Generator

color palette from
This is perfect if you don’t know what you’re looking for or maybe just want to challenge yourself. The image above came from Basically, you hit the space bar to continue generating random color palettes. You can also lock in one or more colors and continue getting random palettes based on those colors. It also let’s you download the palette.

You Pick the Starting Color

Adobe Color CC

This type of palette generator, like the one illustrated from Adobe Color CC, let’s you pick the starting color from a color wheel and the type of color scheme you want and creates a color palette. You do need to create an Abobe ID to be able to save the palettes however.

Color Palette from Image Color Palette Generator

This type let’s you input the URL of an image or upload an image, depending on the site. The above came from Color Palette Generator. I didn’t find a save option on this particular site, but I like that it shows both a muted and vibrant palette based on the photo.

While I only showed one example of each of the different types, there are tons of online color palette generators or apps that you can download to your smartphone or tablet that are just a google search away.

Please feel free to share your favorite color palette generator links in the comments.