premo spring 2015 color recipes are here

The Premo Spring 2015 color recipes are here! If you are looking to get a head start on your Spring polymer clay designs or just need some new colors to kick your creativity into high gear, these beautiful Spring colors should do the trick. As always you can find the Premo Spring 2015 Color Recipe Ebook right here on my website or in my Etsy shop.

Premo Spring 2015 Polymer Clay Color Recipe Ebook - Click for larger image

a new perspective on polymer clay

A new perspective on polymer clay.

Perspective: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Polymer clay often gets a bad rap for being a plastic material, but it’s all about perspective.

While flipping through a recent issue of Fast Company Magazine I came across a quote that hit close to my polymer clay heart. Ok, I may not have even read it, if not for the clear sofa photo that caught my eye.

image from Fast Company Magazine

Image from Fast Company Magazine. Designed by French designer Philippe Starck and made by Kartell.

Here’s the quote…

“I have always loved to work with plastic, as it is a reflection of human intelligence. Men have not created stone or wood, but plastic is the result of human creativity.” – Philippe Starck

“plastic is the result of human creativity”

So, polymer clay artists are not only being creative, but they are being creative with a material that is the result of human creativity. How is that for a new perspective?

FIMO Professional Update

fimo professional polymer clay
I dug out my FIMO Professional polymer clay the other day to mix up some color recipes for the upcoming Stars Issue of From Polymer To Art magazine and thought I would share a little update.

I had posted a quickie review of FIMO Professional back in June, which you can read here and here. My biggest concern was that the softness of the clay was going to turn a lot of FIMO Classic users off.

I’ve since read that FIMO did not change the formula, it’s the same formula as the old FIMO Classic. The softness is apparently due to it being so fresh. And guess what? When I opened up the previously opened packages and started running it through my pasta machine, I did notice that it was getting firmer and had a little bit of that dry/crumbly texture of my older FIMO Classic.

So, for those of you who love the FIMO Classic, you will be happy to hear that given time, the new FIMO Professional will eventually end up with the texture and consistency that you are used to.

I do have have the Fall 2014 polymer clay color recipes ebook for FIMO Professional, which is available here on my website or in my Etsy shop.
FIMO Pro Fall 2014 Color Recipe Ebook - click for larger image

DIY calendar and memo board

I wanted to share my DIY calendar and memo board. Earlier this month I went Minneapolis to meet up with a friend for a girls weekend. One of our shopping excursions was to The Container Store. I could have easily spent a fortune in this store. Anyway, I really liked their glass dry-erase calendar, but it was out of stock. So, I decided to make my own.

The glass makes this hard to photograph…
DIY calendar and memo board
Here’s how I did it:

  1. Remove the cardboard back from a photo frame.
  2. Cover the cardboard back with wrapping paper. Wrapping paper was used because it was large enough to cover the cardboard in one continuous piece.
  3. Print an undated monthly calendar and stuck it in place using double-sided tape.
  4. Add some smaller pieces of colored paper for notes, ideas, etc. using double-sided tape to keep them in place.
  5. Replace the covered cardboard behind the glass of the photo frame.
  6. Grab some dry-erase markers and you are set!

creative block buster #11

What is a creative block buster? It is a simple exercise that can be done in just a few minutes or more that will hopefully jump start your creativity.

Creative Block Buster #11 – Explore Other Mediums

This creative challenge is all about finding inspiration from other mediums. Do a Google image search for pottery, quilting, knitting, painting, etc. and really look at some of the images. Pay attention to textures, techniques, shapes, patterns, and the colors used. Try to translate at least one of those items into your current medium.

dragonfly polymer clay pendant

This polymer clay dragonfly pendant was inspired by gourd art.

floral applique tutorial

The floral applique tutorial is here and it’s a big one! 73 pages and over 155 photos. Learn how to create beautiful floral applique in polymer clay. Starting with just a few basic shapes, you will learn how to create several floral elements and combine those elements to make flowers and much more.

To learn more or to purchase, you will find the tutorial here on my website or in my Etsy shop.

Floral Applique - A Polymer Clay Tutorial

creative block buster #10

What is a creative block buster? It is a simple exercise that can be done in just a few minutes or more that will hopefully jump start your creativity.

Creative Block Buster #10 – Taking risks!

Today’s creative block buster is a little different. It’s more of a thinking exercise.

creative block buster #10 - taking risks!

There may or may not have been some trespassing signs that may or may not have been ignored in taking this photo. I’m not suggesting that you do something illegal, but I do want you to take risks with your art.

Without risk, there is no growth.

Today’s challenge is to take a critical look at what you’ve been creating or what you are currently working on. Then ask yourself, “What can I do to that will take this from okay to outstanding?”. The more the idea is outside your comfort zone the better.

Maybe you’ve thought about something that goes beyond your current skill set. Learn the new skill.

Perhaps your idea doesn’t conform with the rules of design. Do it anyway.

Without risk, there is no growth.

Do something today that is outside your comfort zone. Take a risk!