Color Palette Sources – Part One

color palette sources part 1

Last week’s Tips For Working With Color Palettes post, mentioned that color palettes are the go-to source for many artists when looking for inspiration. So, I thought I would share with you some online sources for color palettes. And since it’s easy to get lost “down the rabbit hole”, I thought it might be wise to break the list down….

Color Palette Sources – Part One

  1. (this one is probably already at the top of everyone’s list)
  2. In Color Balance (has a very large selection of color palettes)
  3. BANDAGEDEAR (this is an artists’ site that has quite a few color palettes, but you have to click though to each post to see them)
  4. Color-Capture (another great site with lots of color palettes)
  5. Color Palettes (has a beautiful selection of color palettes that’s easy to browse through)
  6. discover COLOR (this site is set up very nicely for browsing or or you can search by color)
  7. akula kreative (a graphics and web design blog that has a nice collection of color palettes)
  8. color COLLECTIVE (lots of lovely color palettes)

This should keep you busy for a while. I’ll be back next week with more sources in part two.

March Challenge Entry #1

Baby Bison by Doreen Neilley

March Challenge Theme is Spring!

The first entry for the March Challenge is this sweet baby bison pendant by Doreen Neilley.

Artist: Doreen Neilley


About the Entry: “Because I’m a bison farmer, for me, Spring has arrived when the first little golden baby is on the ground for the year. The other day, I couldn’t wait, so I made one that I can have always. This will be a pendant, when I decide whether I want to drill a hole and string it on leather cord, or glue on a bail.”

March Challenge

March Challenge


A time for growth, renewal, robins, flowers, green grass…

The Challenge is to:

  • Create something that represents Spring.
  • You may use any color palette.
  • Can be polymer clay or mixed media.


This is completely optional and you are under no obligation to enter. There are no prizes or winners for this challenge. However, entries will be displayed along with a link (to your shop, website, FaceBook page, etc.) here on my Crafts by Chris blog and Facebook page.

To Enter:

Send an email to: with the following information by no later than March 31, 2015.:

  • your name as you would like it displayed (can be your name and/or your business name)
  • URL you would like to link to (this can be an online shop, FaceBook page, etc.)
  • a photo of your entry
  • any other info you might like to share about your entry, such as inspiration, techniques used, etc.)

are you up for a challenge?

Creative Habit Inspiration Challenge

What is Creative Habit Inspiration Challenge?

A Facebook group open to any artistic medium. A new inspiration challenge prompt will be posted each Monday. Upload your photo to the corresponding week’s challenge album.
*Photos must be new work inspired by the challenge.

The purpose of this challenge is to inspire you to make creative time a habit. Try to block out time in your schedule, ideally at the same time every day, even if it’s only 15 to 30 minutes. Creativity, like everything, get’s easier with practice.

My hope is that you will also use these challenge prompts to push yourself outside your comfort zone, because that is where real growth happens.

Click here to join the Creative Habit Inspiration Challenge group…it’s all fun…no pressure.

exciting new adventure

It’s funny how things happen sometimes. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now about creating a magazine that is geared toward the customer, but features hand crafted products. I mentioned the idea in a facebook group recently in regards to creative ways to get your products found. Laura Bracken, and myself started chatting about the idea and the next thing I know, I’m purchasing a domain name and web hosting. Then I had a moment of panic…”What the hell was I thinking!”. The panic passed and we are jumping in with both feet, trying to get the first issue out by the end of November, to hit the holiday shopping season.

Dress It Up! Magazine

Open call for submission to new online publication.

Dress It Up! Magazine is an online bi-monthly publication all about accessorizing with the latest and greatest items, handmade by individual self-representing artists.

We’re currently accepting submissions for the inaugural issue (submission deadline is Nov 24, 2013).

For information on submitting an article or photograph, please go the website and click on the “submissions” link:

polymer clay cubed

Open invitation to polymer clay artists….

Polymer Clay Cubed

The 411

There is no fee to participate, but advance registration is required. Certain logistics and guidelines have been established for the collective success of both the project and the exhibition. Detailed instructions, resources, and templates will be sent directly to each participating artist.

Deadline to register is Fri.Mar.1.2013. Deadline for shipped submissions is Fri.Mar.8.2013. Submissions will also be accepted in person at the conference any time prior to the Polymer Clay Cubed Seminar and Exhibition on Fri.Mar.15.2013. For further information and registration, please email Tracy Holmes.

All the PC3 Cubes will be on display during Tracy's Synergy3 seminar, Polymer Clay Cubed. Tracy's other seminar, The Pentaradial Palette, is full, but all the session info will be included in The Pentaradial Palette pre-conference workshop on Tuesday, March 12. If you would like to further explore colour hands on (and maybe even make a PC3 Cube or two), there are still some spots remaining.

For full details, please check out Tracy’s PC3 announcement. (pdf file)

monthly muse – floral

March’s Monthly Muse is all things floral. Big or small, bright or pastel, realistic or abstract, anything goes.

Monthly Muse Floral

Not sure what the Monthly Muse is. Each month I will be your Muse by providing an inspiration challenge. The idea is to step outside your comfort zone, try something new and have fun. This group is open to all artistic mediums.

Playing along is easy…you can join in any time throughout the year. Upload your photos to Flickr, add them to the Monthly Muse Flickr group and tag them with the corresponding monthly tag. For example this month’s inspiration will have the tag MM3.