July Challenge Theme Entry #1

July Challenge Entry Beth Sullivan

Artist: Beth Sullivan, D.O.

URL: Beth is currently working on rebuilding her stock of jewelry and home decor items after her first ever craft fair so that she can open an Etsy shop. When she does, I’ll post the link.

About the Artist/Entry: Beth shared these beautiful Steampunk polymer clay magnets and pins for the July Challenge Theme. She describes herself as a hobbyist/polymer enthusiast, as she works full-time as a Family Physician in Georgia. She has been working with polymer clay for a little over a year.

You can see all the monthly challenge themes and entries here.

Bead Show and Meeting Online Friends

Kansas City Bead Blast 2015

Bead Show

The above photo is some of my goodies from the Kansas City Bead Blast last Saturday. The beads in the top left-hand corner are from Bead & Glass Boutique. The purple lampwork focal on the bottom left-hand corner is from Beadygirl Beads. I own several Beadygirl Beads, as I met Tera a few years ago when we were both vendors at a local bead show. The flower lampwork bead on the left-hand side, I think was from Gypsy Gems, but she didn’t put a card in the bag, so I’m not 100% sure. The beads top-right were from BeadStuff. And the lampwork beads bottom-right were from Bokamo Designs.

Meeting Online Friends

My main reason for wanting to go to the bead show was to meet Amy from Bead & Glass Boutique. I’ve known Amy for many years through various online groups and she carries my beads in her store. It’s always exciting when I have the opportunity to meet my online friends in person.

Here’s the selfie she took of us (I’m on the left).
me and Amy

I have to mention that my husband was a very good sport about going to the bead show with me and even carrying my packages.

Color Palette Sources – Part Two

color palette sources part 2

Yes, I have more color palette sources for those of you looking for inspiration. You can find Color Palette Sources – Part One here.

Color Palette Sources – Part Two

  1. ColorWorld (lots of great color and fashion trend inspiration)
  2. colourQ (this blog posts a weekly color palette challenge for scrapbooking, but a color palette is a color palette)
  3. happygirldesign (a website/graphic design website with lots of beautiful color palettes)
  4. The Perfect Palette (this site is for color palettes for weddings and parties, and the thing I like about it is that you can select a color and see images using different color palettes for that color – note: these are images and don’t show the colors broken out into a palette for you, but next week we will talk about creating color palettes from images)
  5. Blue Rose Design PDX (another web/graphics design website that has a lovely selection of color palettes)
  6. The chickabug Blog (this party planning blog has a great selection of color palettes)
  7. Planet Sam (A textile designer’s blog that has some fabulous nature inspired color palettes)
  8. Stylyze (has a beautiful selection of color palettes)
  9. designworklife (this blog has lots of easy to browse color palettes)

Tons of new color inspiration for you to explore. Next week, we’ll talk about turning photos into color palettes.

Color Palette Sources – Part One

color palette sources part 1

Last week’s Tips For Working With Color Palettes post, mentioned that color palettes are the go-to source for many artists when looking for inspiration. So, I thought I would share with you some online sources for color palettes. And since it’s easy to get lost “down the rabbit hole”, I thought it might be wise to break the list down….

Color Palette Sources – Part One

  1. design-seeds.com (this one is probably already at the top of everyone’s list)
  2. In Color Balance (has a very large selection of color palettes)
  3. BANDAGEDEAR (this is an artists’ site that has quite a few color palettes, but you have to click though to each post to see them)
  4. Color-Capture (another great site with lots of color palettes)
  5. Color Palettes (has a beautiful selection of color palettes that’s easy to browse through)
  6. discover COLOR (this site is set up very nicely for browsing or or you can search by color)
  7. akula kreative (a graphics and web design blog that has a nice collection of color palettes)
  8. color COLLECTIVE (lots of lovely color palettes)

This should keep you busy for a while. I’ll be back next week with more sources in part two.

March Challenge Entry #1

Baby Bison by Doreen Neilley

March Challenge Theme is Spring!

The first entry for the March Challenge is this sweet baby bison pendant by Doreen Neilley.

Artist: Doreen Neilley

URL: http://www.facebook.com/DragonflyDesignsByDoreen

About the Entry: “Because I’m a bison farmer, for me, Spring has arrived when the first little golden baby is on the ground for the year. The other day, I couldn’t wait, so I made one that I can have always. This will be a pendant, when I decide whether I want to drill a hole and string it on leather cord, or glue on a bail.”

March Challenge

March Challenge


A time for growth, renewal, robins, flowers, green grass…

The Challenge is to:

  • Create something that represents Spring.
  • You may use any color palette.
  • Can be polymer clay or mixed media.


This is completely optional and you are under no obligation to enter. There are no prizes or winners for this challenge. However, entries will be displayed along with a link (to your shop, website, FaceBook page, etc.) here on my Crafts by Chris blog and Facebook page.

To Enter:

Send an email to: chris@craftsbychrisonline.com with the following information by no later than March 31, 2015.:

  • your name as you would like it displayed (can be your name and/or your business name)
  • URL you would like to link to (this can be an online shop, FaceBook page, etc.)
  • a photo of your entry
  • any other info you might like to share about your entry, such as inspiration, techniques used, etc.)

are you up for a challenge?

Creative Habit Inspiration Challenge

What is Creative Habit Inspiration Challenge?

A Facebook group open to any artistic medium. A new inspiration challenge prompt will be posted each Monday. Upload your photo to the corresponding week’s challenge album.
*Photos must be new work inspired by the challenge.

The purpose of this challenge is to inspire you to make creative time a habit. Try to block out time in your schedule, ideally at the same time every day, even if it’s only 15 to 30 minutes. Creativity, like everything, get’s easier with practice.

My hope is that you will also use these challenge prompts to push yourself outside your comfort zone, because that is where real growth happens.

Click here to join the Creative Habit Inspiration Challenge group…it’s all fun…no pressure.