Creative Block Buster #16

Creative Block Buster #16

What is a creative block buster? It is a simple exercise that can be done in just a few minutes or more that will hopefully jump start your creativity.


It’s all too easy to get into a rut of working with the same tried and true techniques, the same color palettes, etc. So, this creative block buster exercise is just to allow yourself to take some time to play around with a new-to-you technique, a different color palette, found textures, etc. You will be surprised at how quickly the creative wheels starts turning.

I recently took some time to play with Nikolina Otržan’s new Pixie Cane Tutorial (which is a great tutorial and a lot of fun). The first time I used colors that I already had mixed for another project, which are Sage Green, Olive Drab, Primrose Pink, and Fuchsia Red from my Fall 2017 Color Recipe E-book. And I realized right away that if you stop before the slicing part of the tutorial, you get a “quick and dirty” girlie camo cane.
first experiments with Nikolina's pixie cane tutorial

The second time around, I started with an old animal print cane….a fun way to recycle old canes.
second example from Nikolina's pixie cane tutorial.

Go Play!!
You can find all of the Creative Block Buster exercises here.

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