looking back

Sorry I’ve been missing recently. I had a cold/flu thing that turned into a nasty sinus infection. I’m finally starting to feel human again. I first discovered polymer clay when my Mom and I decided to sign up for a class on making Christmas ornaments. This was in 1990 or … Continue reading

life is a journey

Fall seems to be a reflective time. The year is coming to a close and its time to think about what you’ve accomplished throughout the year and what you would still like to accomplish before year’s end. Maybe you’ve been considering how you’ve grown as an artist and a person. … Continue reading


Happy Halloween! Here’s a photo of my spooks. The big one decided he was too old to go trick or treating this year. 🙁 The little one LOVES to dress up in costumes. Here’s a photo of their jack ‘o lanterns. Ben’s is on the left. Dad did most of … Continue reading