My thoughts and prayers are with my friend, Becca, today. She lost her mom to cancer over the weekend. Please check out my friend, Jael’s, blog entry. Her beautiful butterfly beads and eloquent words say it all so much better than I could.

river rocks

A leisurely walk along the river bank. The sun glinting off the water and something just below the surface. A river rock, worn smooth by the flowing water. I just love the organic look of these! They have been sanded and lightly buffed on a muslin wheel.


The beads are starting to pile up. The beads pictured below are ready to be glazed. I have beads waiting for a full tray to bake. There’s a container that’s almost full and ready to go into the tumbler. Then there’s always a pile of beads that need to be … Continue reading

cootie catcher

I’m a great mom! My son told me that I was a great mom because I helped him make a cootie catcher. If only everyone was that easy to please. Want to make your own cootie catcher? You can find directions here. Why not make yourself an inspiration cootie catcher? … Continue reading