a little push

ok, maybe I need a big push! I started remodeling my website in January. I bet you can tell where I’m going with this already. Yes, it’s now June and I’m no farther along that I was in January. I actually got quite a bit done when I first started, … Continue reading

mokume gane

Taking a little break from flowers and decided to play with mokume gane techniques. I haven’t really made tile beads until just recently. I like the fact that I can build a scene on them better than round beads. Here’s what I came up with. I have some cool water … Continue reading

a worthy cause

How many of you use Karen Hill Tribe Silver in your jewelry designs? Did you know that the Karen people are enduring an ethnic cleansing in eastern Burma? The result is between 500,000 to 1 million people living in hiding within Burma. In addition, a series of nine refugee camps … Continue reading


I got all my painting and remodeling done in time for graduation. We had a little rain and ended up having the party inside, but all went well. I was reading some of my daughter’s cards today and thought I’d share the message on one of them. It’s something to … Continue reading

For Tina

Here’s a couple of pics of an experiment in progress. The first pic shows the Kato medium clear right after baking. The second pic is the same piece after using a heat gun on it. It takes quite a bit more heat to get the Kato clear vs. the FIMO … Continue reading


Hubby and I have been painting all week. This is a corner of the dining room. Only one wall is green (Swallow’s Nest). The other walls are Neutral Ground. The trim is Ottertail and the door is Suave Mauve. Don’t they have fun names for paint? I know you are … Continue reading