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An update on this post regarding the new Premo turquoise.


The new Premo turquoise is much lighter and less greenish than the older version. Of course, a change in product color effects not only my color recipes, but anyone who creates their own recipes. Why bother with recipes in the first place? If you’ve ever had a customer request something in the same color as something else they purchased a year ago, you might want to have a color recipe for that. If you’ve ever been 80 or 90% of the way into making a cane and run out of one of the colors, you might want to have a color recipe for that.

I got a little sidetracked there, back to creating a substitute for the new turquoise. I make a mix for the turquoise color and then try it out in a recipe or two to see how close to the original cured sample it is. Sometimes this process is simple and other times, it takes making several sample mixes. This time it was sample #9 that got me there, which means 9 turquoise mixes along with testing each sample in another color recipe.

Turquoise Substitute*

  • In some recipes that use only a tiny amount of turquoise, you can get away with just doubling the amount of turquoise you use in the recipe.
  • In recipes that use more than a tiny amount, you’re going to need to mix the following turquoise substitute recipe. Use this mix in place of the turquoise in equal amounts in your recipes. For example, if a recipe calls for one part turquoise, you will use one part of the turquoise substitute mix.

Turquoise Substitute
1 1/2 parts cobalt
1/8 part zinc yellow
2 parts white

*This applies to all color recipe e-books up to and including Fall 2013.

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