monday inspiration – soft and fuzzy

Soft and fuzzy like a favorite pair of slippers. That’s what this week’s color palette a week (CPAW), has me feeling this morning. A thick coat of frost this morning has me feeling the need for warm snuggly things. 🙂 Burlwood, Red Mahogany and Nougat

monday inspiration – teal and rust

Teal and rust are the colors for this week’s color palette a week (CPAW). A lovely fall color palette. It looks like Fall here (yard full of leaves), but it sure doesn’t feel like fall with temps in the 80s all last week. I’m looking forward to a slightly cooler … Continue reading

monday inspiration – burgundy and gray

Happy Monday! Next Monday is the first day of school here. In the midst of back to school madness (dr. appointments, school supplies to be bought, open houses to attend, getting the older one off to work and where did that PE shirt get to?!), we are replacing the bathroom … Continue reading

monday inspiration – going green

For this week’s color palette a week (CPAW), we are going green with a little dark brown thrown in for contrast. The next couple of weeks are super busy with things going and getting the boys ready to head back to school. Hard to believe that summer is almost over. … Continue reading

continuing concern over the possible loss of Premo zinc yellow and cobalt blue

Let me start by saying that Polyform Products has NOT said that they will be discontinuing cobalt blue or zinc yellow. However….. If you work with polymer clay, you should read Carol Simmons’ recent blog post about the POSSIBLE future loss of zinc yellow and cobalt blue and weigh-in with … Continue reading

monday inspiration – tropical waters and white sandy beaches

“Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.” ~ The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Blue is becoming the new green. With global warming evaporating the water, water pollution making the water unhealthy, and growing populations, the availability of clean drinkable water is in shorter … Continue reading