floral applique tutorial

Floral Applique - A Polymer Clay Tutorial

The floral applique tutorial is here and it’s a big one! 73 pages and over 155 photos. Learn how to create beautiful floral applique in polymer clay. Starting with just a few basic shapes, you will learn how to create several floral elements and combine those elements to make flowers … Continue reading

summer flowers and fimo fall 2013

Yes, I’m mixing seasons here with summer flowers and announcing the FIMO Classic fall 2013 color recipe ebook. Honestly, I’m usually working with multiple seasons all at the same time. It’s spring/summer here and I’m inspired by flowers and patterns now, but I’m also working on color mixes for fall/winter … Continue reading

getting older

I’ve been slacking in the blog department. However, I did manage to get my taxes filed and my studio mostly cleaned up and reorganized. Even though my studio isn’t completely cleaned up, I decided I needed some time to play with clay. I’m starting with my old standby…floral beads. Holy … Continue reading

monthly muse – floral

March’s Monthly Muse is all things floral. Big or small, bright or pastel, realistic or abstract, anything goes. Not sure what the Monthly Muse is. Each month I will be your Muse by providing an inspiration challenge. The idea is to step outside your comfort zone, try something new and … Continue reading