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Creative Habit Inspiration Challenge

What is Creative Habit Inspiration Challenge?

A Facebook group open to any artistic medium. A new inspiration challenge prompt will be posted each Monday. Upload your photo to the corresponding week’s challenge album.
*Photos must be new work inspired by the challenge.

The purpose of this challenge is to inspire you to make creative time a habit. Try to block out time in your schedule, ideally at the same time every day, even if it’s only 15 to 30 minutes. Creativity, like everything, get’s easier with practice.

My hope is that you will also use these challenge prompts to push yourself outside your comfort zone, because that is where real growth happens.

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Free Color Palette with polymer clay color recipes

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FREE photo color palette, complete with the corresponding
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Free Color Palette with polymer clay color recipes for Premo, FIMO Classic and Kato

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modern living

My mom has her house for sale and has started the process of cleaning out. I’m now the proud owner of an antique steamer trunk, which is a story for another day. However, the trunk was filled with scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photos, etc. Today I want to share a gem that surfaced…Modern Living, a little magazine that was published by a local bank in 1962.

modern living 1962

While the carousel theme is a little much, I do like the red and white with touches of green. It creates a nice high contrast color scheme.

creative block buster #8

What is a creative block buster? It is a simple exercise that can be done in just a few minutes that will hopefully jump start your creativity.

Creative Block Buster #8 – Avatar

Today’s creative block buster is to watch the movie, Avatar. Whether you’ve seen it before or not, like the story line or not, watch the movie.

You might even want to have your sketchbook handy while watching. The vivid colors always capture the attention first. However, it’s the shapes, textures and movement of the Pandora flora and fauna that have me reaching for my sketchbook. Maybe it will be the Na’vi’s colors and markings that inspire you or the Pandoran wildlife. The markings on the Toruk has Millefiori cane written all over it. ;)

new year

I hope your new year is off to great start. Don’t you just love a new year? Full of promise and possibilities. A fresh start.

I thought we would start the new off right here at Crafts by Chris with a shiny new product. ;)


Adventures in Creativity


Deal-A-Muse is a pdf file that contains a set of printable cards (set #1 contains 60 cards), which are divided into five categories: color palettes, textures, shapes and patterns, techniques and miscellaneous. Also included is a template to create a storage box for your cards. While the technique cards were created for polymer clay artists, you could easily substitute techniques that apply to your artistic medium of choice.

To read more about Deal-A-Muse and to purchase follow this link. And, of course, it’s also available in my Etsy shop.